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Posted by Ballyhass Lakes on 06 May 2016

Sunday Jam Series Launched

3 Full Day Summer Sunday Jam Sessions to progress your riding this year. 

We are delighted to announce the launch of our summer jam series in 2016! Over three Summer Sundays the series will take over the whole park. You will get the chance to ride in the same great format as our jam nights but just all day long.... OR till your arms give up! If you havent been to one of our jam nights yet you are in for a treat. Instead of the normal 15 minute sets everyone rotates around in 5 minute sets on both parks. This gives you an amazing opportunity to meet the other park locals and pick up some new tricks. 

On the day we will have spot prizes, for best new trick, biggest wipeout, most improved etc etc. There will be music playing all day on the dock with food and drinks available all day up at the clubhouse. We will have pro coaches on the dock helping you stick that trick. If you are interested we will be doing some in house ranking systems so locals can go head to head to find out whos the top dog. We will also run a mini comp to finish off the day for those interetsted. 

The first stop in the series is happening on May 15th Sunday week, so get yourself and your friends available and book in. Places are limited so dont miss out!! Call the office to book early or you will be able to book online from Sunday the 8th on. Just book any timeslot marked Jam and rocked up for the start at 10am. The day will run from 10am to 6pm. 

On May 15th we will be helping people with their nationals competition runs so if you have entered get yourself booked into the Jam Day. 


Day Pass: €50

U18 Pass: €40 

Series Pass: €120

Full Platinum Members: FREE

Peak & Off Peak Members: €30

Gold Members: €30

Members Series Pass: €80

Ride Packs cannot be used for this event. Participants must be at obstacle standard to take part. 

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