Banff Film Festival Dublin

Highlights and favorite parts of the event

We attended the Dublin section of the Banff Outdoor adventure film festival on Friday night in the Awesome Walls climbing centre Dublin. You might have seen our last post on the festival here so you would know we were very excited about the event. We werent the only ones either. We arrived to a packed centre with some very disappointed people who were promised tickets at the door the previous evening. Low and behold there must have been a last minute influx in bookings because there were no tickets to be had. Thankfully we had ours for months!

The quality of these films really didnt disappoint. Even if you were never an outdoor enthusiast, these would take your breath away and keep you on the edge of your seat. We were taken on adventures around the world through kayaking first descents, heli sking, mountain biking insane downhill routes and on a expedition out and back to the south pole. The latter called "crossing the ice" was the peoples choice at the festival and was our clear winner also. It followed two aussie blokes Cas and Jonesy on there quest to become the first people to walk to the south pole and back completely unaided. These boys started out unable to even ski in what was akin to the jamican bobseld team going to the Olympics. Their journey was made into a race with a more experienced Norwegian attempting to do the same journey in what was an eerie similarity to captain scotts race to the pole. Its amazing the sheer endurance these boys at to put up with and following their ups and downs was exciting, funny, heart warming and breath taking from start to finish. You have to see this short two minute clip below that sees the boys exchanging gifts on Christmas day, it had the hole centre in tears of laughter.

The boys blog is here and well worth a read, this wasnt their first adventure and id imagine wont be their last. Life's an Adventure blog

A few others films that are worth mentioning are "Flow Hunters" which follows a bunch of kayakers travelling through New Zealand trying to find some of the biggest white water and first descents they can. Truly amazing flim shots in this not to mention some white water that can only be described as bonkers. One particular scene sees one member of the team get trapped under a rock for what seems like a lifetime. We literally were on the edge of our seats with our jaws on the chair in front of us for this one, see the trailer below for some idea of the outcome. The last one we will pay particular attention to is "Wide Boyz" This films follows Tom Randall and Pete Wittaker try and take on the American world of "off-width" crack climbing. (we hadnt heard of it either) this is basically a way of free climbing boulder crack routes using any and every part of your body wedged into the crack to support you. See the trailer below to see what we are talking about but be prepared to be shocked because it is a truly brutal brutal brutal sport... More of their adventures on their blog here

We cant say enough about these films. We will try and get a few more articles up over the coming weeks. The event its self was a little disappointing with the location far from ideal for a film screening, we couldnt hear a lot of what was said due to terrible sound, and the seats being so uncomfortable they were making us feel like we were on our own expedition just to get through the evening. What we would have given for a cinema seat. Saying that the climbing centre looks epic and if you have the chance check it out, you wont find facilities or anything near it anywhere else in the country. Check out their website here. Next year we are praying that it will be in a proper cinema setting to do these films proper justice, because we will be first inline to pick up tickets when this event returns next year.

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