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Posted by Ballyhass Lakes on 05 September 2016

BH Outdoor Project Scholarships 2016/17

Our popular wakeboarding scholarship back for the third year and Introducing the first year of our Kayaking Scholarship. 

As part of the Ballyhass Outdoor Project (our initative to get more people into the outdoors) we have launched our scholarship programs this week. Now open for applications is our wakeboarding scholarship now into its third year. New for this year we are expanding our scholarship program and now offering a kayking scholarship to a second group of local youths. 

What are the BH Outdoor Projects about?

Our scholarship programs are one of the ways we give back to the local community and the outdoor activity community as a whole. We offer up places to all our local schools and to anyone who thinks they can make it down on site once a week. We want to the participants to learn as much as possible about the sport of their choosen scholarship. That includes becoming as competent as possible at the activity and been trained as efficiently as possible. It allows us to try new training techniques and course layouts that we can improve year on year in the scholarship and then implement in our day to day running of the centre. Hopefully these scholarships will benefit the 1000's of participants that come through our doors each year.

Is it just about the sport?

While based around their choosen sport these scholarships are far more benefical than just learning a new sport. During the course the participants will be required to keep blogs, videos, and diaries of their expereince and taught how to appropraitely approach professionals through social media and online content. They will learn and observe how sport professionals promote themselves and attract sponsors throughout their careers. 

In addition to learning technical skills they will also be taught the fundementals of instruction that is applicable right across all sporting activities and any task envolving group management. They will be practicing these skills on a weekly basis alongside there sporting commitments.  

Sounds too good to be true! How do I apply?

Check out our seperate blog posts on each of the scholarships, download the appliaction forms, fill out and send back in either via email or post Ballyhass Lakes, Cecilstown, Mallow, Co.Cork.  

Remember every application regardless of whether excepted or not gets free taster session. The process of applying alone is a good exercise. Please share, and send on to anyone you think might be interested. 

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