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Posted by Ballyhass Lakes on 05 September 2016

BH Outdoor Project Kayak Scholarship 2016/17

We are delighted to announce the latest course falling under the BH Outdoor Project Banner our Kayaking Scholarship

We are into our third year of scholarship programs. We wanted to mix things up this year and we thought what better way than adding another sport and another whole scholarship for Kayaking. We are particularly excited after sitting down and coming up with the curriculum for this scholarship. We believe it has huge potential. Kayaking has always been our no.1 activity at Ballyhass for the 1000's of people that come through each season. Everyone who comes off that water is thrilled and enthusiastic about the experience. More often than not that enthusiasm goes no further. 

With the kayak scholarship we want to teach the participants where the sport came from the different aspects involved and then show them a clear path of how to pursue their passion long after the scholarship as ended. 

Just like the wake scholarship the kayaking will take place over 16 weeks on Wednesday afternoon. The participants will learn a host of skills on our flat waters and then take what they have learnt to moving water in up to three trips off site that will take place during the year. There will be a focus on social media the appropriate use of online content along with the basic instructor skills needed across a whole range of sports. We aim to get these participants up to a level where they will be able to lead a group of their friends out on the water by the end of the scholarship. In fact that will be one of their last tasks on the scholarship next year!

Hopefully see you on the lakes soon,

The Ballyhass Team

How to Apply?

Download Teacher & Student Pack Here

Once you have the forms downloaded fill out the application form and send it back to us Ballyhass Lakes, Cecilstown, Mallow, Co.Cork. If you are in a local school give the forms to your head teacher and ask them to give us a shout and we can get your whole class out for a free taster lesson. 

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