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Posted by Ballyhass Lakes on 01 December 2013

All our best posts from last month all in one handy location

Here ya go, all the best bits from last month. Some really interesting and incredible posts here. Get stuck in.

Base jumping into a nuclear tower

As mad as it sounds really. Some incredible base jumping footage from the united states.

Video of the Month, Motorcycling over the highest road in the world

It was a tough call for video of the month but this one just about won it. Looking for some adventure travel inspiration look no further.

Video: Surf and Bikini's. Dont think we have to say too much more

Definitely one for the lads. Advertising Mexico surfing style.

Video: Watch as two planes collide in midair

By far the most incredible news story of the month. Adventure saves lives! literally.

The lion whisperer, the worlds best wildlife footage?

We think this is the most incredible wildlife footage ever shot. What do you think?

Moab Towers & Magic Backpacks; the first time I have felt sick watching a video

One of the GoPro adventure series. Seriously incredible.

Adventure travel world summit arriving to Killarney in 2014

Putting Irish adventure in the worlds eye in 2014. Fantastic achievement.

Video: The longer you stay still the harder it is to move

One of our favorite adventure inspiration videos of the month. Feeling down and out, this should get you moving

The coolest wingsuit jump I have ever seen. Goosebumps of fear!

We have alot of wingsuit flight videos but this is very close to the most amazing.

Ueli Steck Interviews on his solo summit of Annapurna

Great interview on the climbing story of the year so far.

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