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Posted by Ballyhass Lakes on 12 February 2015

5 Best Team Training Facilities in Ireland

Here in Ireland we love sport, Especially team sports!!

Here is a quick look at 5 of Irelandís best team training weekend. Number 5 has to be my personal favourite!!!

1. Carton House Hotel Maynooth Co Kildare

Carton House Training Facility is dedicated to being the best sports training centre for professional teams in Europe.

The training facility is situated within the grounds of the luxurious 4 Star deluxe Carton House Hotel. Such teams as Chelsea Football Club, Real Madrid Football Club and The Irish Rugby team have used these facilities.

Check out for more info

2. Fota Island Resort Co Cork

Fota Island Resort is a 5 star hotel in Co Cork, nestled at the heart of a peaceful island, surrounded by gorgeous scenery of County Cork. The Training Facility, situated within the grounds of the resort, is dedicated to providing professional sporting teams with an exceptional resource for their specific training. Such teams as  Manchester United Football Club, Tipperay GAA and Munster Rugby have used these facilities.

Check out for more info

3. Delphi Adventure Resort Co Galway

Delphi Adventure Resort is set on a 300 acre site located in the heart of the scenically breathtaking Delphi Valley, near Leenane, Co. Galway, Ireland. From kayaking along the stunning Blueway trail to learning how to survive in the wild, our wide range of sea, mountain and forest based team activities will challenge, motivate and inspire your team to work together to achieve great results. 

Check out for more info

4. Killary Co Galway

Killary Adventure Co is situated on the southern shores of Killary harbour, 5km from the village of Leenane, Co. Galway on the A day packages combine fun, adrenaline, challenge, and practical interaction. They can create a package that suits your team taking into consideration age, fitness levels and interests. Round the event off with fine dining, barbques, accommodation options and entertainment.  

Check out  for more info.

5. Ballyhass Lakes Activity Centre Co Cork

Ballyhass Lakes is Irelandís best known still spring water trout fishery, with 11 four star holiday homes and an activity centre for groups and schools, sports clubs and teams, and corporate team building.Team building will bring out the best in a team, provide positive communication, highlight leadership skills, and facilitate problem solving as one combined unit. Such team as Kerry GAA, Cork Ladies Football and Munster Ladies Rugby have all used these facilities.

Check out for more info.

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