Sports & Social Clubs

Connect, Build Trust & Achieve Common Goals

Team building is vital to all sporting squads because the members are drawn from different Social backgrounds, different work environments, attend different schools and colleges. A successful team building day allows members get to see one another in a new and different light and the results can be instant – a better attitude to team objectives, increased attendance for training sessions, more trust and less individual play on the playing site. Team building will bring out the best in a team, provide positive communication, highlight leadership skills, and facilitate problem solving as one combined unit.



Aims & Benefits

Improved Communication. Taking your team or club out of their comfort zone and into an unfamiliar outdoor environment will have a serious impact on communication skills across the group. Being challenged to solve problems both physically and mentally encourages this communication advancement. 

Highlight Leadership Skills. This benefit can often be overlooked by leaders and coaches when on a day away from the training pitches. Our expert instructors and coaches however can easily identify potential leaders in this new environment that could potentially be overlooked week in week out in their home clubs. Watch carefully on the day, you may be surprised with what you see. 

Increased Motivation. Whether struggling to get off the ground at the start of the season or going through a mid season slump, it's amazing what a day in the outdoors does to a team's dynamic. The banter that following on from the day into the dressing room alone is enough to raise spirits and help your team work together to achieve that common goal!

What Ballyhass Can Do For You....

Our Sports Team Experience is designed for teams to connect, build trust and experience what it takes to dig deep together to achieve a common goal. We have seen some of our most competitive Challenge Events on this package. We have 4 acres of playing pitches on site so it is the ideal training centre to combine your general routine with our experience events to get the maximum results from just a one day event! Not only do we provide top quality on site facilities we can also put together full weekend packages, including accommodation, food, challenge matchs etc.