Team Challenges



Team challenges are suitable for all ages and are the perfect addition to any day out at Ballyhass. Team challenges are included in all Experience packages. 

Whats involved?

Planning, co-operation, motivation, support and determination are just some of the skills you may display and develop tackling our specially designed team challenges. Patricipants will understand the importance of working in small teams and have an understanding of the puzzles, tasks and activities that they are presented with; discuss, plan, form strategies and make decisions to achieve goals; consolidate the skills already gained.


Recommended Activity Combinations

Team Challenges included free in all Experience Packages

Great for team building and to start your activity day as an Ice breaker. Also highly recommended for hens/stags,  corporate groups and for any groups that might not necessarily know each other. Either way it's great to get a group in the mood for a day of outdoor activities.