Rock Climbing - Test Your Limits



A great activity for all ages and abilities 8yrs and up. Routes available with greater levels of difficulty. Ideal for younger groups with lots of energy and looking to learn some proper climbing technique.

What's involved?

Exceed your personal goals, scaling the limestone quarry faces, safe in the knowledge that our qualified instructors will be there with you every inch of the climb. We have a route to suit every ability and provide all the safety equipment you will need. From an educational view point participants will begin to recognize hazards and assess risks and how these can be controlled; understand the purpose and use of personal protective equipment; prepare physically and organizationally for challenges set; recognize that they can make choices; begin to recognize positive and negative peer influence; begin to identify what achievements they made as individuals and as a group.


Popular Activity Combinations

Generally this activity would be combined with one of our highropes activities. Gladiator or leap of faith are great combinations.