Low Ropes - Team Challenge



This is a perfect activity for team building, corporate and sports teams alike. Works best in groups of 10 - 15 participants.                                                                 

Whats involved?

Navigate yourself around the course via a series of swings, tyres, tight wires and ropes. Followed up by a series of puzzles that will push you to mental and physical places you would normally never encounter. Explore aspects of team dynamics and learn about yourself and others in your team. Each activity has it’s own unique learning outcome, however as a course you will explore trust, communication, goal setting and self confidence among many others.


Popular Activity Combinations: 

We can't recommend low ropes highly enough. It may seem simple but there is nothing that gets a group into the spirt of a day in the outdoors more. If you are a large group it goes really well with any of our water activities.