Leap Of Faith - Are you Brave Enough?



 Perfect for anyone aged 8 and over who is brave enough!! Very popular for older groups, Hen / Stags, sports team and adult groups                                                               

Whats Involved?

This is our most daring activity. Based in our high ropes course you must first climb the stepped pole and stand up on a platform some 18inches square. Then, if you are up to it, make the leap of faith to grab the trapeze and swing. The Trapeze can be moved closer or farther away from the platform to make the degree of difficulty appropriate to age and height of the jumper. Of course all the time you are fully harnessed and under the control of the instructor who eventually lowers you down to the ground. It is still some awesome experience. Try it!


Popular Activity Combinations: 

Goes really well with our Zipline courses, Abseiling or Rock Climbing. Ideal also for any small to medium sized group doing Wakeboarding. It looks over the wakepark so both groups are heavily invloved in each others sessions.