160m Zip Line



Our new star activity is suitable for everyone from 8 yrs. up. It is a great one if you are afraid of heights, all you have to do is take the first step. Its suitable for all group types and is generally the first dryland activity that is put on the schedule. If you are a school tour, make sure and request ziplinning when you make your booking as it is not always available in our busiest months of May & June. 

Whats involved?

You and your group will get harnessed up as if you were doing one of our other high activities, only this time you get a few extra toys… Everyone has their own trolley and safety line attached which may make you think you are climbing mount Everest not zipping down one of Ireland's coolest Zip lines. You will be given a demonstration by one of our instructors and shown how to do a proper landing on the other side. How well do you reckon you will land? You will have to come along and see. It is a fantastic thrill seeing the ground drop away from underneath you and flying over the fish below, which you will see plenty of if you are brave enough to look!


Recommended Combinations:

A highlight of any combination, but works really well with any other harness activities. Leap of Faith if your feeling brave and Gladiator, Rock Climbing or Abseiling are good combinations. Probably our most popular product if you are just coming for a half day is to combine with Kayaking.