Join the Ballyhass Scout Group

Why Ballyhass?

Where better for your next adventure than at Ballyhass Lakes Activity Centre? We have a long history of working alongside Guide Groups, Youth Groups and other charities to fulfill a range of aims and objectives. Whether it’s to develop particular skills, take part in activities or just to make the most of camping  in our stunning surrounding. At Ballyhass Lakes, our aim is simple – to help the individual achieve their full physical, intellectual and social potential. Young people develop most when they are ‘learning by doing’, when they are given responsibility, work in teams, take acceptable risks and think for themselves. All these things can be achieved at Ballyhass Lakes.


Let us help you no matter what your skill level...

Whether you regularly organize, run visits or this is your first time, our dedicated booking team are on hand to guide you through each stage of planning and delivering the perfect outdoor experience. If you’re looking for a day trip, a short stay in one of our lodges or camping areas, or you’d like us to run a full programme of exciting activities working with our staff from morning till night, Ballyhass Lakes is the perfect choice. We have shower & toilet facilities along with storage areas, sporting equipment and playing pitch all put at your disposal while you're on site. 

What do we offer?

Full day and half day packages.

Participants will take part in a group activity selecting from four disciplines in a full day or two in a half day. This is a challenging introduction to outdoor adventure in a safe and controlled environment, when participants learn new skills and form lasting and memorable bonds from this shared experience. The activities can be selected from this list and are all provided on the 40 acre site at Ballyhass. The delivery of each session will vary with each age group. The level of challenge and difficulty is matched to the age and experience of the participants. We are strictly challenge by choice. While your troops will be challenged to leave their comfort zone no one will be asked to do anything they feel uncomfortable with.