Wakeboarding is suitable for all ages and abilities, 10 yrs and up. It is particularly suitable for individuals. As most of our other activities require six more participants this tends to be the perfect choice for ones and twos coming back on site to up their skills again and again during the season. 

Whats involved?

Ballyhass is delighted to bring the world’s latest and fastest growing water sport into the heart of Munster. Cable wakeboarding uses an overhead cable which pulls you over the surface of the lakes with a feel just like surfing or snowboarding but on water. This is the most accessible water sport for all ages and most of all fantastic fun. Ireland’s most unique sporting tourist attraction has arrived.


Popular Activity Combinations:

Wakeboarding is one of the best activities to add to a combination when you are coming as a group. It is often combined with the leap of faith by groups getting the biggest thrill on the water followed by the biggest thrill on land. Kayaking is also popular as a combination as you kayak all the way up the lake to the wakepark and back again when your finished. We would recommend this option for the warmer summer months!! 


How much does it cost?

 Check out our brand new wakepark website which has all the details, info, videos and more. www.ballyhasswakepark.ie