Jacobs Ladder - The Ultimate Team Challenge



Jacobs Ladder is ideal for team building. It is suitable for anyone aged 8 and up. But would ideally be aimed at groups who like an extra element of physicality and are aiming to get maximum team building results out of the session. 

What’s involved?

This is a great team building event. It looks easy- all it is a series of parallel beams suspended from high ropes with each beam progressively farther apart. The task is to get your team members as high as possible. It is possible to get up there by yourself but you will be better off getting the assistance and planning of your group. It is not as easy as it looks, remember you are suspended from a 12m high climbing frame and the logs are free to blow in the wind. Best of luck :) 


Popular activity combinations:

Perfect with another harnessed activity. Rock climbing, Abseiling and Zipline are popular because they are quite different to any of the other high ropes activities.