Gladiator Course - Have you got what it takes?


Is it suitable for you?

The Gladiator course is suitable for everyone 8 yrs. and up. Really popular with school groups, families, birthday & confirmation parties.                                                         

Whats involved?

You have seen gladiators on the TV, traversing from one form of obstacle to another. Our version is vertical, straight up. You have to climb from poles to a cargo net, up a ladder and over a tyre wall. And as as you climb your opponent is beside you trying to get to the top faster than you. The course is suspended from our 12m high poles and sways in the wind as you climb . You are fully harnessed all the time, with your helmet as protection and in the safe hands of our instructors. Still not too easy.


Popular activity combinations:

Ideal to combine this with another harnessed activity to get the maximum time on the activities. Popular choices would be ziplining, abseiling or rock climbing.